6 06, 2017

A Company in Sort, mention in the 2017 Tourist Entrepreneur award

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The jury emphasize “the environmental and social commitment” of Outdoor Adventour Agency. Outdoor Adventour Agency, in Sort, with Pepo Foz at the head, has received the special mention of the 2017 Tourist Entrepreneur award. The award´s jury, organized by the Tourism, Hotel Industry and Gastronomy´s Campus of Barcelona University, wanted to highlight the task of "valorisation of historically depressed areas [...]

3 12, 2016

Pyrenees Adventisement

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OAT IS ON E OF THE SELECTED COMPANIES FOR THE PYRENEES PROGRAMME, TO PROMOTE THE PYRENEES IN AN AUTHENTIC AND UNIQUE WAY. The Catalan Tourism Agency has selected OAT to participate in the promotional advertisement for the Pyrenees Programme. Encouraging you to live an authentic and genuine Pyrenees full of surprises. Adventure activities, incredible landscapes, unique accommodations, local gastronomy, ‘altitude’ [...]

2 12, 2016

Interview: Experience The Ravine

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Pepo Foz, founder of Outdoor Adventour abandoned the city to live surrounded by rivers and mountains. He decided to move to Pallars, a territory that captivated him and for which he feels passion. If you wish to live a unique experience in the Pyrenees combining nature, adventure, gastronomy, and culture, he is the adequate person to organise it. He [...]

1 12, 2016

Cesc Gay: The Ravine

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THE RECOGNISED FILM DIRECTOR CESC GAY FILMSTHE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE CATALAN TOURISM AGENCY PROMOTING TOURISM IN THEPYRENEES IN COLABORATION WITH OUTDOOR ADVENTOUR’S TEAM. The CatalanTourism Agency promotes tourism in the Pyrenees with a promotional advertisementproduced by the recognised film director, scriptwriter, and theatrical authorCesc Gay. For this, they have used one of Outdoor Adventour’s star products, The Great Pyrenean [...]

28 03, 2016

The Swedish brand Haglöfs contracts Guide Val d’Aran and OAt to provide the Highcamp hiemal 2016 for its customers

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The Haglöfs brand, one of the biggest suppliers of equipment for exploring nature in Scandinavian countries, Europe and Asia, organised a winter highcamp in our mountains for a select group of customers. For three days and looked after by a group of professionals, the participants practised various skiing and safety techniques, such as off-piste skiing, movement in the mountains [...]