The jury emphasize “the environmental and social commitment” of Outdoor Adventour Agency.

Outdoor Adventour Agency, in Sort, with Pepo Foz at the head, has received the special mention of the 2017 Tourist Entrepreneur award. The award´s jury, organized by the Tourism, Hotel Industry and Gastronomy´s Campus of Barcelona University, wanted to highlight the task of “valorisation of historically depressed areas through authentic experiences that go beyond the multi-activity”.

In addition, they highlighted the value of the proposals of the company, specializing in active tourism and adventure in the Pyrenees, they are designed so that the visitor “discovers the territory in an authentic way, with an environmental and social commitment”.

The first prize of the competition was granted “Cap a mar” (“Seaward”) project, which allows you to discover how Barcelona fishermen’s Pier works, and offers you the possibility to go fishing in different modalities.