Our trips are thought and planned to ensure everybody can enjoy them, as they have basic minimum requirements. However, there are different levels of difficulty or demand to choose from. You will find detailed information inside each specific dossier.

If you are not quite sure about what trip you would like to experience, get in touch with us by e-mail at or by phone at (+34) 973 045 887. Our team will advise you, considering your needs and expectations, and will help you organise a tailor-made proposal.

The level of demand varies depending on the programme, but a minimum active person can enjoy all our adventures. Inside each dossier, you will find specific information of the level needed in terms of physical demands. If, however you need help, get in touch with us, we will be pleased to help and advise you.

Our adventures are suitable for everyone from 10-12 years on.

Depending on the period of the year there are safety restrictions due to the level of water in some activities. There are different levels of difficulty or exigency which can vary depending on the season.  You will find specific information inside the activity dossiers.

For private trips, 2 participants are the minimum number required to go on an adventure. The trips with a set date have a maximum of 16 participants.

Yes, for sure! You will be able to join any group of an adventure with a set date. It will be a fantastic way to meet people like you.

One of Outdoor Adventour’s objective is to organise an adventure that is unique and special for you. Besides our programmed trips, we can create and design your holidays adapting to your availability and interests. Contact us, and we will be pleased to help you organise it.

You can get in touch with us with a relatively short margin of time, yet we recommend that 30 days before the departing date, you have formalised the reservation. This is the only way we can guarantee you surely have a place.

The climate can vary and change quickly in the Pyrenees. However, we have never had to cancel a programme for adverse weather conditions. It would have to be an extreme situation. The programmes we design are real adventures, and for this reason we always have an alternative plan. Changing weather is part of the experience.

If this is your case, we need to know it in advance. Bear in mind that our programmes are carried out in the middle of nature and we must have everything well planned before.


From Outdoor Adventour we provide you with all the necessary technical equipment you will need. Once a trip is booked, we will send you information with all the necessary things you need to bring along.

They will be safe with us! You will not have to worry about this because Outdoor Adventour will safely guard your luggage, belongings, and documents under our responsibility.

Ask us. The Pyrenees have infinite things to offer.

If an incident occurs, we handle first aids. It is however essential that you have an assistance and repatriation insurance. If this is not the case, enquire us, we can offer an insurance based on your necessities.