The Pyrenees, scenario of your next adventure.

Unique guided routes

Nature is for living it.

  • The Pyrenees, one of the greatest natural scenarios in southern Europe, stands out for the impressive high and medium mountain scenery with deep valleys, amazing peaks, and exuberant woods.
  • An authentic and little-known place, with Mediterranean climate which enables you to enjoy all the seasons, allowing you to do activities all year around. .
  • You will be able to live incredible experiences in National and Natural Parks, protected areas that preserve tangible and intangible heritage.
Unique ancient villages

A peculiar history.

  • A territory where modernity has arrived late. Some villages and a great part of the landscapes are almost intact, have not been changed or affected by contemporary life.
  • We can revive not so old styles of life, discovering the trace they have left in our landscapes.
  • Millenary villages, borderland area, architectural samples of Romanic origin and evident signs that the civil war left on the terrain. Walking, you will have the opportunity to discover our past, together with the most recent events of our history.
Ancient traditions in the Pyrenees

Live traditions.

  • Until a few years ago, life in the Pyrenees consisted of a hard subsistence economy. Firm people with rich traditions, a philosophy of life, with a strong own personality.
  • A strongly rooted popular culture, that has passed from generation to generation, providing the conservation of ancient dialects, original from mountain areas.
  • Ceremonies with pagan rituals are celebrated every year, where the fire is the principal attraction. One of them declared Human Patrimony in 2015.
Wine from the Pyrenees

Gastronomy with own flavour.

  • The historical isolation of the Pyrenees has contributed to the formation of a rich gastronomy based on own proximity products, thus creating a seasonal cuisine, where slow long-lasting cooking is the differentiating value.
  • The actual recipes are a synthesis of traditional mountain products and flavours with new culinary tendencies.
  • Artisanal cheese, ecologic meat and altitude vineyards are the actual star products.

Discover how to live the Pyrenes